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[at-l] questions for northbound thru-hikers

> anything you carried
> that you really didn't need?

I almost forgot -- it came to me when I woke up this

I carried a pound of Roth IRA tax paperwork on my
thru-hike for what...450 miles? I want y'all to know
I'm laughing about this right now -- an ounce weenee
on gear yet when it comes to taxes I'll hump a box of
IRS forms with me for several hundred miles just to
avoid having to fill them out. 

The IRS had disallowed my conversion to a Roth IRA and
I figured I'd handle this tax business on the Trail
when I had 'the time'. Whew, I guess it sort of let
that go for a while, huh? One day on the Trail I
decided, "Hey, I guess it's about time to get this
whole tax correction thing figured out and sent off to
the boys in Washington."

Yes, I try to keep one step ahead. Always.


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