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[at-l] Warning! WF Post

I have no interest in getting involved in the current WF discussion (except,
of course, for this little statement heheh), because I think we all know the
general consensus and everyone's reasons for their (dis)like of WF.

I just wanted to respond to the reference to R&R's reception. I don't think
R&R's reception had anything to do with his list affiliation. I certainly
hope none of us are that petty. If I recall correctly R&R was called out for
his manners and holier-than-thou attitude. Anyway, I also wanted to say that
lately I have been impressed by R&R's apparent effort to be more amicable.
It's appreciated, and makes me think that he's not as bad as Hitler
afterall. (Yes, the last statement is said with a nudge, a wink, and a


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> At 11:07 AM 6/8/01 -0400, Jim Mayer wrote:
> >But
> >when people get together in groups, and particularly when those
> groups are
> >similar or compete in some way, there is a tendency to look for
> an "Enemy".
> >Having an Enemy is very convenient, for it neatly divides the world into
> >"us" and "them".  Opposing the Enemy provides a common cause.  The mere
> >existence of the Enemy helps to suppress differences that threaten the
> >cohesiveness of the group.
> Sorry Jim..I don't buy this at all.  First, it wasn't always like
> that.....
> them and us.
> There used to be no penalty for wandering happily from ATML to
> AT-L....... dan
> put a stop to that.  If there is animosity towards ATMLers, I have never
> felt it from the AT-L
> folks.  I take that back.......sadly, R&R's first appearances here were
> dismissed because
> he was an ATMLer.   I hope that is an exception and not a trend cause if
> you are right
> that would be totally uncool.
> Until dan put a stop to it, all lister fuctions, like group pics and
> lunches at the Gathering and TDZ
> and the Ruck were always posted to both lists.  Back then, it wasn't an
> AT-L photo but a "lister"
> photo.  No one was ever tossed from AT-L because they continued to post
> to ATML, but the opposite is true.  I miss the good old days when
> it didn't
> matter which
> list you frequented.........back when we were all just hikers
> with computers.
> As to the frequency of his name in a subject line, let's remember
> this current
> spat began when he called us all jackasses....mean spirited but too short
> to be
> considered a diatribe, I guess.  Why is it no one ever calls him
> out on his
> confrontational attitude?  Why does no one ever condemn his
> insistence on a
> division?
> Do posts defending AT-L or questioning his name calling ever show
> up on TP.
> I don't think_we_ are the ones who need  an enemy..........
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