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[at-l] Warning! WF Post

At 11:07 AM 6/8/01 -0400, Jim Mayer wrote:
>when people get together in groups, and particularly when those groups are
>similar or compete in some way, there is a tendency to look for an "Enemy".
>Having an Enemy is very convenient, for it neatly divides the world into
>"us" and "them".  Opposing the Enemy provides a common cause.  The mere
>existence of the Enemy helps to suppress differences that threaten the
>cohesiveness of the group.

Sorry Jim..I don't buy this at all.  First, it wasn't always like that..... 
them and us.
There used to be no penalty for wandering happily from ATML to AT-L....... dan
put a stop to that.  If there is animosity towards ATMLers, I have never 
felt it from the AT-L
folks.  I take that back.......sadly, R&R's first appearances here were 
dismissed because
he was an ATMLer.   I hope that is an exception and not a trend cause if 
you are right
that would be totally uncool.

Until dan put a stop to it, all lister fuctions, like group pics and 
lunches at the Gathering and TDZ
and the Ruck were always posted to both lists.  Back then, it wasn't an 
AT-L photo but a "lister"
photo.  No one was ever tossed from AT-L because they continued to post
to ATML, but the opposite is true.  I miss the good old days when it didn't 
matter which
list you frequented.........back when we were all just hikers with computers.

As to the frequency of his name in a subject line, let's remember this current
spat began when he called us all jackasses....mean spirited but too short 
to be
considered a diatribe, I guess.  Why is it no one ever calls him out on his
confrontational attitude?  Why does no one ever condemn his insistence on a 
Do posts defending AT-L or questioning his name calling ever show up on TP.

I don't think_we_ are the ones who need  an enemy..........