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[at-l] WF

>I spent 127 hours and over $7000 last week on getting the new
>Trailplace internet group ready. In other words, I invested heavily > in 
>the A.T. community, giving just about all I had to give. How many > of you 
>did likewise? How many of you have been doing this for almost >  20 years?
>  WF, Admin

Wow, When was the last time you did any hiking? 127 hours a week in front of 
a computer yer probably getting as fat as a house.

The above was posted on ATML.  As a result, Pat was kicked off that list.  I 
don't know how many of you will agree, but I I think that Pat's post showed 
poor manners.  Perhaps others here will disagree.  I think the exchange 
speaks for itself.

I can't help wonder how many  of the good folks on this list still feel they 
have something in common with Pat's ATML post and subsequent experience.  I 
hope not many.

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>Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 00:56:10 EDT
>In a message dated 6/5/2001 11:47:59 PM Central Daylight Time,
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> > Thanks Bill, I think he needs to have a long talk with you on a 
> >
>Probably be able to make a movie of that one!
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