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[at-l] Re: Maintenance packs

At 09:07 PM 6/5/01 -0700, Sloetoe wrote:
>"There ain't no sech thing as a trail that can't stand a little

First, may i say THANK YOU!!!! to one and all who maintain trails!!!
Makes me soooo proud to know how many of our little gang not only
hikes the trails but builds and maintains them as well.

Second....I met Ginny and Jim at a cabin filled with maintainers/builders.
Within minutes, we were comparing lightweight loppers, saws and chainsaws
TOO COOL...instead of gearheads I think we should be known as "toolees".

Third....Like Cin, I picked up a mysterious rash and the itch was driving 
me wacky.
Got an appt with my PA (physician's assistant) who is sooo totally cool 
cause she
doesn't look at me funny when I say I hike.  She asked where I'd been 
lately and
I had to tell her, no place new, just doing clean up and maintenance.  She 
if I could have come in contact with some poison..........ROTFLMSAO!!!!!!

Alas...with the season's change, I leave the terrestrial trail for a 
submarine one.
I never realized it till someone pointed it out, after I tried to explain 
to them that
I snorkel for miles and hours just for the joy of moving and to see what I 
can see.
They replied..."Hey...you are hiking under water!!!!!!!"   And that's 

Yesterday, despite unusually cold water temps and pretty muddy/swift water, 
I hit
the river.  Boy....do I hurt today........but even after spending the day 
in the equivalent
of high winds and deep fog I FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!!