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[at-l] WF

"I spent 127 hours and over $7000 last week on getting the new Trailplace 
internet group ready. In other words, I invested heavily in the A.T. 
community, giving just about all I had to give. How many of you did likewise? 
How many of you have been doing this for almost 20 years?
WF, Admin"
Just more baloney from Dan Bruce. 
Don't get lost over Pat's flip comment. Look instead at the pitiful whining 
by Bruce that called it out. The pitiable pretender has lied to so many 
people about so much for so long that he's become unhinged. The end is nigh 
for the pathetic Bruce and his self worshipping Temple of Trail Place. Good 
 please keep "WF" in the subject line to allow selective listers the option 
to delete.

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