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[at-l] Re: unlock your dotters!

At 10:21 PM 6/5/01 -0500, Felix wrote:
>kahley wrote:
> > Due respect!!!!  But.......
> > "Mrs Thruhiker Goddess M'am",
> > which is the feminized version of
> > the sobriquet Feelix requires me to use for him,
> > (that being "Mr. Thruhiker God, Sir"),
> > will have to wait <VVVBG>
>sobriquet? am I gonna have to start the word of the day again? I'm thinkin'
>that I ain't never required nobody to call me nothin', let alone "Mr. 
>God, sir".

OK OK..he doesn't require it...but he does pout so, if I don't. <VVVBG>
All kidding aside..thruhiker or not...my VERY BEST to you and the lucky
Miss Ellie!