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[at-l] Map question...

Springer access road:
If you come in from the East on 60 be careful, 
route 42 is not marked at the intersection, but 
it is once you turn in. You will know you went
too far if you pass the 2 wheels only camp ground 
(turn around, it was the last road you passed).
And it is about 18 miles on route 42 to the trail 
head parking lot, and mostly dirt (it's $2.00 a day 
to park). I was there (drove in from the East) last 



It depends which direction you are coming from. If you are coming from
Atlanta , use these directions:

Driving to the AT trail head (Springer Mt.) from Amicalola Falls:
Go West on 52 for 13.7 miles to Roy Road. Turn Right and go 9.7 miles to the
end of Roy Rd. Turn right on Doublehead Gap Rd. (no sign) go 2.2 miles turn
right on (gravel) USFS 42. Mount Pleasant Church is directly across from FS
Rd. 42. There is a fee to park in the parking lot at the junction of the AT
and FS 42.

If you are coming from north, it may be easier to take 60 over Woody Gap and
then turn left onto FS 42 at the bottom of the hill before Suches. There used
to be a phone there but there isn't anymore. There is a store that is out of
business on the corner.  You take 42 past Gooch Gap, Coopers Gap and
eventually arrive at the FS42 parking lot. It's about 15 miles of FS road. 

The Georgia AT Club website has these directions and a fairly good map of the
region and the main roads.