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[at-l] pharmaceutical questions

I have a few questions regarding the supplies in my first aid kit. First,
how rigidly should I observe those expiration dates?

I was repacking my first aid kit to reflect summer hiking and I notice
that the topical bee sting liquid is out of date. According to the label
it contains 20.0% Benzocaine w/v (??) and 1.0% Menthol w/v.  My next
question, what does the w/v mean? (weight/volume? wind velocity? West
Virginia!!! ....country road......sorry)

 Another question, what makes up the other 79% of the bee sting topical
medicine? It isn't listed on the package. Could this be important from a
possible allergic reaction stand point. The product name is Sting-Kill
Insect Bite Swabs if that helps to identify the other 79%. 

Finally, I've read folks comment that they carry medicine for stings,
Benadryl I think. Is internal medicine better than topical medicines,
those for external use only? Could the two kinds of medicine be used
safely together? 

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