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[at-l] Back from OK was Hiking in OK?

i used to live in OK.  You are right there is nothing there.  except for
a hilly area north of lawton (90 miles sw of okc)  there is some cool
wandering there.  bat caves, etc.  it is legend that billy the kid hid
gold in them thar hills!  then there is the tulsa area.  some really
nice canoeing and walks in the hills.  other that that Ok is FLAT!!! 
And absolutely NO TREES!  if you ever want a weird site drive i40 from
okc thru the tx panhandle.  you might see 2 or 3 trees.

sorry this wasn't before your trip


Steve Landis wrote:
> OK, so there are only horse trails in OK.  That must be why no one had
> any suggestions for hiking trails when I asked the list before I left.
> But here's something strange: I traveled 1,350 miles by car to find that
> Felix and I are in the same house in the same town, we even sign the
> same register but I have a feeling that he is going to deny that he even
> saw me.
> Steve
> ps. And yes, there was a tornado.
> Steve Landis wrote:
> > I'm going to be near Oklahoma City, OK for about a week and would like
> > to get some hiking in.  Anyone familiar with trails in the general
> > area?  Thanks.
> > Steve
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