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Re: [at-l] To me, again

David wrote:

> I'd imagine I like the ferret and sheriff story, too, if you'd tell it to us.

Alright, alright, alright...

Hmmm, which of the three will be easiest to clean-up for Brandon Moak? (Is he
even on this list anymore?)

Well, once upon thyme garden, there stood a statue. No, wait. Try this one:

It was early June. I think it was the 3rd. I was out choppin' cotton and my
bother was balin' hay. Well, I could see the tractor was coming down the road
from Choctaw Ridge pulling a wagon full shucked corn. If memory serves, it was
Billy Joe McAllister driving. Yes, yes it was Billy Joe.
Anyway, the tractor turned on to the lane that ran between the hayfield and the
cotton field. Next thing I know, Billy Joe and my brother are fightin'. I mean
fightin'. Seems that one of them said something about Becky Thompson, or some
such. I think she used to go out with Billy Joe, 'til she started goin' out with
my brother.
So, anyway...I go over and get on the tractor and take off. I'd always wanted to
drive the tractor, but nobody'd let me (cuz of my drinkin').
So, I turn the tractor and wagon around and head back to the gravel road that
goes down to the river. That's where I kept my bottle of whisky stashed: On the
Tallahatchie Bridge. (Footnote: A few days before this, I was caught in a
situation in which the preacher man was coming down the road and I had a fifth,
or fourth, or third of whisky. I had no choice but to throw it over the bridge so
as to not get caught with it. The bottle actually belonged to Billy Joe. "Mornin'

Just as I got to the bridge, Billy Joe's pick-up truck comes flyin' up from
behind. He slammed on the brakes and gravel was going everywhere. I jumped off
the tractor and went running to the side of the bridge. Billy Joe ran up and
grabbed me from behind. "Where is it?" he screamed. "I don't have it" "Where is
it?" "I threw it over the side." Well, Billy Joe looked at the railing of the
bridge and apparently without much thought ran and jumped over the side. Most
folks that aren't from the area aren't aware that there is no water under the
Tallahatchie Bridge in June. Just one little muddy puddle.

well, the sight of Billy Joe laying down there was pretty gross. Really screwed
up my appetite. I couldn't eat no black-eyed peas, no biscuits. Nothing. And,
mama had been cooking all day.

A little later, the sheriff stopped by and took us all to the carnival side-show
where they were taping the sound a duck makes when a ferret attacks one.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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