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Re: [at-l] To me, again

I liked that.

I'd imagine I like the ferret and sheriff story, too, if you'd tell it to us.

On 9/25/2000 at 4:16 PM Felix wrote:

>For some reason (which I shant share with you ) I feel it to be
>necessary to send this thing again:
>To me, the AT is a chill down my spine when I see a distant blaze while
>driving down the interstate. It is a wooden Shangri-la at days end. It's
>cussing the rain, while loving every drop. Its cursing the climb, only
>to rejoice when on top. It's finding a bed next to a total stranger, and
>feeling like he's a family member. Its eating what I'd throw out
>at home,  and wishing I had more. It's giving extras to others, and
>sometimes taking what is offered. It's loneliness and pain, tightly
>wrapped around  one another. Sometimes its a tear. Its listening to a
>squirrel bark, and knowing just what he means. Its hating everything,
>while loving it even more. Its knowing I'm alive. To me, the AT is a
>chill down my spine...
>Felix J. McGillicuddy
>ME-->GA '98
>"Your Move"
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David Addleton
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