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Re: [at-l] To me, again

Thank You Felix!
One down, Two to Go!

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On 9/25/00 at 5:34 PM Felix wrote:

>David wrote:
>> I'd imagine I like the ferret and sheriff story, too, if you'd tell it to us.
>Alright, alright, alright...
>Hmmm, which of the three will be easiest to clean-up for Brandon Moak? (Is he
>even on this list anymore?)
>Well, once upon thyme garden, there stood a statue. No, wait. Try this one:
>It was early June. I think it was the 3rd. I was out choppin' cotton and my
>bother was balin' hay. Well, I could see the tractor was coming down the road
>from Choctaw Ridge pulling a wagon full shucked corn. If memory serves, it was
>Billy Joe McAllister driving. Yes, yes it was Billy Joe.
>Anyway, the tractor turned on to the lane that ran between the hayfield and the
>cotton field. Next thing I know, Billy Joe and my brother are fightin'. I mean
>fightin'. Seems that one of them said something about Becky Thompson, or some
>such. I think she used to go out with Billy Joe, 'til she started goin' out with
>my brother.
>So, anyway...I go over and get on the tractor and take off. I'd always wanted to
>drive the tractor, but nobody'd let me (cuz of my drinkin').
>So, I turn the tractor and wagon around and head back to the gravel road that
>goes down to the river. That's where I kept my bottle of whisky stashed: On the
>Tallahatchie Bridge. (Footnote: A few days before this, I was caught in a
>situation in which the preacher man was coming down the road and I had a fifth,
>or fourth, or third of whisky. I had no choice but to throw it over the bridge so
>as to not get caught with it. The bottle actually belonged to Billy Joe. "Mornin'
>Just as I got to the bridge, Billy Joe's pick-up truck comes flyin' up from
>behind. He slammed on the brakes and gravel was going everywhere. I jumped off
>the tractor and went running to the side of the bridge. Billy Joe ran up and
>grabbed me from behind. "Where is it?" he screamed. "I don't have it" "Where is
>it?" "I threw it over the side." Well, Billy Joe looked at the railing of the
>bridge and apparently without much thought ran and jumped over the side. Most
>folks that aren't from the area aren't aware that there is no water under the
>Tallahatchie Bridge in June. Just one little muddy puddle.
>well, the sight of Billy Joe laying down there was pretty gross. Really screwed
>up my appetite. I couldn't eat no black-eyed peas, no biscuits. Nothing. And,
>mama had been cooking all day.
>A little later, the sheriff stopped by and took us all to the carnival side-show
>where they were taping the sound a duck makes when a ferret attacks one.
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