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Re: [at-l] (wal)Mass & V(ery sweet) T(ea)

As a Virginian, I must disagree with the author on the Web site below. The
Shenandoah does indeed flow through West Virginia. West Virginia does indeed include
the Blue Ridge.  Denver was quite right in his lyric. As hikers, many of us have
hiked the AT along the Blue Ridge in WV, then down across the Shenandoah into
Harpers Ferry.  I presume that was the area the Country Boy was referring to in the

- Gary from Fairfax, Virginia

Tom Williams wrote:

> John sang a song which told us all about "Blue Ridge
> Mountains" and the "Shenandoah River" which actually
> refers to terrain in some other state to the east. See
> <http://www.grouptravels.com/usa_can/va/shenan.htm>.

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