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[at-l] Back on the list from PCT

Hey All
I just got back after completing 1300 miles of PCT.  I am a AT-97 thru-hiker veteran and I would love to share the differences I found between the two trails.  I had planned to complete all of the PCT in one year but the unexpected death of my father just as I was going to start the trail held me up for 6 weeks.  Plus my motivation went to hell as well after such an emotional time , but I was happy to get out there for the highlights of the PCT the entire High Sierra section.  I think first off I'd have to say that hiking the PCT made me really miss the AT.  The PCT has awesome high alpine scenery but heck I'm from Alaska we have ten times better Mt. Views and heaps more wildlife.  I just think the AT is so much more fun to hike, I really missed the gathering together at night at some nice shelter and talking with all the hikers.  On the PCT there is very little gathering together and most nights you camp alone.  Plus it's so funny that I met so many fellow veteran AT thru-hikers together that all we did was talk about our time on the AT when wet met up.  We really drove the PCT'rs nuts with that!
Well what is new on the AT?
Globetrotter  AT-97,  PCT-00

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