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Re: {WADE!}{BOAT!}{WADE!}{BOAT!}Re: [at-l] Kennebec

In a message dated 9/7/2000 1:39:26 PM Central Daylight Time, 
goinggoinggone@webtv.net writes:

<< I seem to remember reading somewhere that the main hazard of wading the
 river is that a release of water from the dam can raise the water level
 and current speed so fast that a hiker unlucky enough to be out in the
 middle of the river when the water started rising would submerged and
 swept downstream >>

That's true...and I'm told that the timing of the water releases is 
completely unpredictable.  Apparently, when water is released, the river 
rises rapidly -- too rapidly to get out of the way if you're half way across 
on a ford.  Can be very dangerous.

Last year, when I crossed the Kennebec (I'm a wimp; I ferried), several 
others did, indeed, ford the river (safely).  Steve (?), the ferryman, 
actually helped them by pointing out the most common route across.  Friends 
who did it said the rocks were exceedingly slick.  From experience, I KNOW I 
would have fallen in had I tried it.  I was very good at the falling in part 
throughout Maine  :)

-- Walkabout  GAME99
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