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Re: [at-l] Back on the list from PCT

DaRedhead wrote;
>Thanks for sharing that!  We have quite a few listers on the PCT this year, I think.  I just wanted to offer my condolences on the death of your father.  I don't know how long you've been hanging around the list, so you might already know that my mom died last year.  We were planning a thru hike for this year.  She would have turned 51 on the Trail.  It gets a little easier to remember all the good times every day - for awhile there it was hard to do anything but be sad.  I wonder if it was easier for you to deal with while hiking, or if it was harder?  Hiking seems to be magic to me - when I see that first white blaze I suddenly feel closer to her and happier with the memories.  At home it is harder to deal with, even now.  But perhaps that is too personal of a question.  I just wanted to let you know that someone on the list has a very deep appreciation for the difficulty of losing a parent.  Thanks for your post - the PCT is still a mystery to me.  The AT has to be thru hik!
>ed first :-)

Yeah it was really rough dealing with my fathers death while I was alone hiking for three months but it also helped me remember my father and reflect on the positive things and that my father had an impact on my life.  I'm writing an article on it called "Hike Therapy" its really been positive for the healing experience.  
On the AT it really is such a different trail then the PCT.  Would you believe I saw more wildlife on the AT then I saw on the PCT!  Plus the trail towns and the AT are just so missed when your on the PCT.  Out there most people don't even realize that thru-hikers are out there.
Thanks for your support.
>The Redhead

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