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Re: [at-l] Time moves forward

>>>can someone convert this to metric ?<<
Sure, glad to:
   On Saturday evening, at 23:00 hours,
take a piece of duct tape off your boot that has the loose sole, fold
the sole over, so it looks like > ( with your foot still in it ), put
$200 cash in a pile about three feet in front of you, with one of those
convertible rulers ( no, not Prince Charles ) between you and the money,
with the metric side down, English side on top ( don't go there ), with
two magnets between the ruler and the floor. Bend down, leap towards the
money, and as you fly over the ruler, the magnet in your holistic
magnetic knee brace will attract the magnets under the ruler, flipping
it over to the metric side at the exact instant you land on the cash.
Youse the ruler to measure the distance between the seat of your pants
and the crank-set on your bike ( which side of the ruler you use depends
on which way you want to hike ) and thus you have sprung forward and
landed right on the money as far as knowing exactly how far you have to
go in order to get your ___ in gear and ride down to the store and get
new boots, before you trip on the duct tape. And since by this time it
will be Sunday, and the boot store will be closed, you'll have lots of
daylight to save up ideas for what you want your new ( metric sized )
boots to be like....


" I shall tell you a great secret my friend. Do not wait for the last
judgement. It takes place every day."  Albert Camus

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