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Re: [at-l] Time moves forward

We have the Babylonians to thank for the 360 degrees in the circle, and the
division of the clock into 12/24 hours ... and the 60 seconds in a minute
and the 60 minutes in an hour.  They were task masters and paid their
workers in beer. I don't know if the beer had anything to do with it. But no
one has successfully messed with the system since. Except that someone
invented week-ends fairly recently, in the last century I think (thanking
the gods!).  Also, we have the labor movement to thank for the usual 8 hour
work day. We'd celebrate Labor Day on May 1, like the rest of the world,
except that the Chicago Labor Riots took place on that day and the powers
that be felt honoring those that died on May 1 wouldn't be somehow
appropriate since, at the time, organizing labor was a criminal act.  The
good old free US of A has done a better job supressing history than the
Soviets ever managed.

Meanwhile, keeping this trail related, Thru Hikers are subversives in the
worst way since they chuck it all to hike full time; whilst those of us who
are week-end hikers remain grateful for the orginal american criminal labor
organizors ............

> > Set your clocks ahead (Spring forward) on Saturday evening when you go
> > bed and remember to go to bed an hour early if you want to get up at the
> > usual time on Sunday morning.
> Can someone convert this to metric?

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