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[at-l] Hi di ho!

Now what?

Felix has a postcard here at the NOC dates December of '98 from a Rosey in St. Louis.  I was hoping to find a hiker box full of goodies with his name on it!  If he sends me his snailmail, I'll foward.

Hike's going fine, no complaints here.  
A few days ago I was fortunate enough to meet both David Alltleton and Orange Bug, but you may have already heard that news by now.  I had meant to send out an email from Rainbow Springs or Franklin and got lazy.

We're maiking decent progress basically using my '97 schedule which was lax at best.  The miles for me are coming easier and Cheryl is hanging tough.  Her boots were giving her problems with foot pain on certain climbs and decided to try using her Tevas with good results, climbing Albert Mountain in them.  Now she's using trail runners and hiking with her Tevas as a back up and less pain.  She'll still complain about the little things (weather, trail) which drives me nuts, but appears to be getting a handle on things.

Spring is arriving here at the lower elevations as I saw sevral wildflowers in bloom, with higher elevations still winterlike.  Weather has been typical AT, varied and I haven't seen much in wildlife yet.  A snake the other day!

Today we'll spend here at the NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center), start over the Stecoahs Range tomorrow.  Rated by some as one of the toughest on the trail, we should be at Fontana Dam by Sunday afternoon.  Although they are well worn, I look forward to the Smokies, even Gatlinburg!

Time to hitch up the road as we need some vittles for the trail and the seletion here isn't the greatest.

Peace, Sly

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