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Re: [at-l] Iodine Stains

If it's shag or has any pile depth, <clip, clip>. Or, and I'm just guessing here, try an
ascorbic acid solution. In addition to neutralizing the taste of iodined water, vitamin C
seems to get rid of the orangey color. YMMV, though, especially with carpet.

Good luck.

Give Me Chocolate

Nina Baxley wrote:

> Hi all,
> I should probably be writing to Hints from Heloise
> about this, but I thought I'd ask y'all first, seeing
> as y'all are generally a bright bunch, and this is a
> (sort-of) hiking-related question ...
> Several of the iodine crystals in my bottle of Polar
> Pure jumped out of their bottle last night (of their
> own accord, of course) and landed on my beige carpet.
> I picked most of them up, then vacuumed the area, but
> apparently not all of them got vacuumed, because now I
> have six beautiful orange stains on the carpet now.
> Anybody have any idea how I could get rid of iodine
> stains? I'm renting this place from my parents, and my
> mom is going to kill me when she sees this ...
> Nina
> 82 more days
> (if my mom doesn't kill me first)
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