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[at-l] RE: Security

Pittsburgh asked: "How many of you feel that you are "secure" in
your job?  How many of you have had that "security" fall out from
under you?

Never expect your "job" to be there tomorrow.  Never rely on the
of others.  Always assume that others do not have your best
interests at
heart.  Create your own security.  Make your own way..."

That depends on your definition of security. At this point in my
life I am secure in the knowledge that my JOB will last until I
can retire and that unless I do something incredibly stupid I will
be able stay in it until I can retire. I do not have the security
of knowing that I will live long enough to do the things I really
want to do (my JOB ain't one of them) or if I live long enough
that I will be physically capable of doing all those things I
would rather be doing. I once heard a "secure" job described as a
pair of golden handcuffs. How true!

Saunterer, trying to be a lurker and looking desperately for the
key but not entirely sure what I'd do if I found it.

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