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[at-l] What we do

Haven't managed to get into this one yet - so I guess it's time.  

Ginny has been a Peace Corps volunteer, a book store manager, a property
manager, an analyst for the New Jersey agency that takes care of the
elderly, and the office manager/admin asst for a high powered think tank
in DC.  Presently she's working temp jobs to make a little extra money
before we leave for the PCT.  

Jim has been a house painter, dishwasher, machinist, model builder,
nuclear reactor designer, amphibious vehicle test engineer, salesman,
auto mechanic, and for 35 years a spacecraft integration, test and
operations engineer.  

As we've said before - those things are what we've done, not what we are.

More importantly, we're both hikers, thruhikers and trail builders and
And we're both looking for someplace new to live and something new to do
with our lives.  Maybe we'll find it this time - but I won't count on it.

Walk softly,
Jim & Ginny

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