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Re: [at-l] living

In a message dated 03/24/2000 8:38:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
tmcginnis@ucclan.state.in.us writes:

> I think that's a wonderful mindset for a throughhiker. My sister, in her 
> marathoner days, used to chant "pennies in the bank, pennies in the 
> on the tedious and slow long runs needed to prepare for a 'thon. Even 
> they didn't feel like they were getting you anywhere, each step was 
> penny in the bank." Man, if that's not how you get to Maine, I don't know 
> what it would take. Sounds like an echo of "sound financial advice", don't 
>  Have a great trip, Leapfrog.
>  Sloetoe
I love this!!!!  Leapfrog
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