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[at-l] What you do.....

<cgroesch@bellsouth.net> said:
>Good for you!  I wonder if this is an American thing.  A friend
Manchester (UK, not NH) said that over there it's considered
somewhat rude to
ask people what they do for a living.<

>He also said, "What you do has got nothing to do with who you
are."  Now that
I'm not so sure about.  Ideally work would be a "direct expression
of one's
character and talents" [Elgin], but I think for a lot of people it
just pays
the bills.<

I don't know about other countries but in the US work is based
upon making money, not on self actualization. In studies of
personality it has been shown that only 30% of the population have
personalities that match 70% of the available jobs. 70% of the
population have personality types that match the remaining 30% of
available jobs. That means, I suppose, that even if the maximum
number of workers were well matched to their jobs 40% of us would
be mis-matched. I strongly suspect that the actual mis-match rate
is *much* higher. Some folks in this country do manage to make a
good living doing what they love but it is either by good fortune
or shear stubbornness and not by the design of our economic

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