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Re: [at-l] what we do

Well, I'm retired.

   Ooops, I sent that email 13 years too early...

I'm a 42 year old Principal Software Engineer who works
in the semiconductor industry, specifically in manufacturing
systems. I am the most senior technical software guy in my
company, so I'm tapped for many different systems related

I wear other hats as too, Dad, Husband, Coach, Scoutmaster.
I'll leave my "extra" email signatures below.

I put together a motivation and "teaming" program that
teaches the KISS principle to companies that think they
are already the best at what they do. I'm most likely 
going to be persuing this on my own in the near future.

Tim Hewitt 
Principal Software Engineer
Fairchild Semiconductor

Tim Hewitt, Webmaster
Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

Tim Hewitt, Scoutmaster
Troop 350, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Eagle '74

AT Class of 1999 GA>ME

Tim Hewitt, Editor
Appalachian Trail Stories
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