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Re: [at-l] what we do

>>> <SaraSW@aol.com> 03/24/00 10:39AM >>>
Here I'm learning more about people I consider my friends--even if I haven't met them or they haven't ever posted before. For me, this thread had nothing to do with putting people in boxes, and everything to do with becoming more acquainted with the folks in my community. Vcat

###### Yeah, brothers and sisters!
The Dead Runner's Society (Carpe Viam! Seize the Road!) list has people do full bios, even to update them regularly, including DOB, place of birth, hometown, addresses, education, jobs, computer configuration (yeesh!), "ideal" running program, "actual" running program, marital status, kiddie status, "How you came to DRS", other outside hobbies, other inside hobbies. This is global/international list and very diverse, including Olympians and grandmothers, (and for all I know, Olympian grandmothers), fast and slow, newcomers and oldtimers; it's fun to read the bios on the website section, and to read bio updates as people post them. And the birthdays are scrounged off the "Bio" posts and put into an automatic "Today's lister birthdays" post from the listserv. I think bios would be a neat thing for the at-l to consider — I've certainly enjoyed it as a lurker on the DRS.


Possible "bio" topics:
Place of Birth
First Outdoors/Camping/Hiking Memory
First Backcountry Overnight 
First Time on AT
Worst Single Night Outdoors
Longest Single Day
First Stealth Camp
Most People in a Shelter
Best Experience At an AYCE Buffet
Seen a Moose?

Manyyyyyyy others come to mind........

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