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Re: [at-l] what we do

In a message dated 3/23/00 23:29:32, cgroesch@bellsouth.net writes:

>> I didn't ask anybody what they did for a living.
>Good for you!  I wonder if this is an American thing. 

In the general run of things, I don't ask folks what they do for a living or 
jump to tell them what I do or would like to do. 

I doubt I would ever do that in a shelter, but this is different. Here I'm 
learning more about people I consider my friends--even if I haven't met them 
or they haven't ever posted before. For me, this thread had nothing to do 
with putting people in boxes, and everything to do with becoming more 
acquainted with the folks in my community.

No evaluations, no judgments of job status, just a real delight at learning 
what we listers do and how we feel about doing it. Thanks for starting the 
thread Solar Bear. I've really enjoyed it.
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