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[at-l] One year ago today

I wasn't going to do these "one year ago" messages, but I read my journal for
this day last year, and just had to say something.

First off, I found Felix's entry at Standing Indian Shelter. It was made on
12/31/98. I noted again his incredible accomplishment and how I was honored to
know him - not in the biblical sense of course.

What received the most attention in my journal however, was the fact that a guy
with a radio had announced to all of us that severe thunderstorms were coming
in, and if we had a brain in our heads we would stay the night here at the
shelter rather than go on and get stuck out in the mountains. I listened, and
stayed. It was a beautiful night - no storms, not even one drop of rain.  Only
later did I realise that the weather forcast he shared with us was for Atlanta,
more than 150 miles away!

Radios. Yuk! I did not listen to another forcast from anyone while on the trail...


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