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Re: [at-l] what we do

> I didn't ask anybody what they did for a living.

Good for you!  I wonder if this is an American thing.  A friend from
Manchester (UK, not NH) said that over there it's considered somewhat rude to
ask people what they do for a living.

He also said, "What you do has got nothing to do with who you are."  Now that
I'm not so sure about.  Ideally work would be a "direct expression of one's
character and talents" [Elgin], but I think for a lot of people it just pays
the bills.

> I think sometimes we put people in boxes

Yup.  And I really hate being pigeonholed.

Me?  I'm between jobs, and hopefully between careers.  I also like to tell
people:  "On sabbatical."  "Recovering software developer."  And the one I
heard on Car Talk: "I'm living the dream, baby!"

So now I'm getting ready for my 2,100-mile shakedown cruise.
Plan to leave Apr 15th.

> cora_drake@
> [snip] wintered-over in trail towns house-sitting and working for
> temp agencies or pizzerias; I conferred with some returned thruhikers who
> were working at hostels and other trail-related jobs

Cool.  Hope springs eternal.

Solvency is entirely a matter of temperament and not of income.
Logan Pearsall Smith

[And the Duane Elgin quote is from the book _Voluntary Simplicity_.]
Craig E. Groeschel >cgroesch at bell south dot net<
"Do not play this piece fast. It is never right to play Ragtime fast." Joplin
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