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Re: [at-l] security...

I agree with you totally.  Lots of relevant stories, which I won't bore
you with, but I learned long ago about the illusion that is security.  
I've know a lot of people who -- at 30 or 40  or 60 -- thought they knew
exactly where their lives were headed, only to be sidelined completely by
divorce or illness. Suddenly their lives headed in totally different
directions.  This isn't necessarily bad - but it can be hard to deal with
at the time.  At one time I worked for a state agency that took
guardianship of elderly people who couldn't handle their own affairs.  I
saw how quickly a large estate, painstakingly saved over the years, could
vanish when faced with catastrophic or long term illness.   

One of my favorite quotes:  "Life is short, eat dessert first."  Which is
why I go hiking instead of building a career that wouldn't allow me the
time to do what I love.

And for the other - yes, there are a lot of good people. But you can't
count on them. And even most of them aren't standing around waiting for
you to come along so they can "do good."  In life, a few people want to
help you, a few people want to hurt you, and most of them don't really
care one way or the other.  As you say, never assume.


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