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Re: [at-l] what we do

Me, too.  I also didn't ask about marital status.  Usually not even "where 
are you from."  It left room for great conversations!  Mostly about food.  

You have a great-sounding job!


>From: KBerger466@aol.com
>To: at-l@backcountry.net
>Subject: [at-l] what we do
>Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 12:38:23 EST
>I've found this thread really interesting. So many different ways to make a
>life! (and a living)
>But I did something I thought was interesting on my PCT thru-hike -- I 
>ask anybody what they did for a living. I think sometimes we put people in
>boxes -- we think of someone one way because he/she is a doctor, and 
>else another way, because she/she is a blue-collar worker. I wanted to just
>get to know the people I met as people. I didn't ask their ages, either. If
>they volunteered what they did, fine (Maybe it was really important to 
>as my work is to me). If they didn't ever say what they did, I didn't ever
>ask. I've been in touch with some of these people since, seen them at hiker
>gatherings -- still don't know what they do!
>But if anyone's curious, I'm a freelance writer and occasional editor for
>GORP.com (Check it out, all you potential writers -- It's a great outdoor
>site, and I'd be happy to look at your material.)  It's a good life -- hike
>and write, hike and write, hike and write.
>Karen Berger
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