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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

As is all too well known, I am a psychiatrist who has been seduced by the 
trail for about 4 years. A psychiatrist who runs marathons talked  me into 
a weekend hike between Hightower Gap down to Springer one Memorial Day 
weekend. The fields of ferns, the water fall, the opportunity to strain 
under the load of a backpack, and the chance to smell like a gutter drunk 
have led me back to the trail. This list even helps me keep my goals and 
focus while working with my patients in these days of mangled care.

And I'm off for a few days section beginning tomorrow, hopefully at least 
to Fontana and maybe even to Newfound Gap. The pack is loaded. mail drops 
ready to post, and my patients are wondering why I have this big old grin!


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