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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

Seems like there are alot of important people on the list.

Me - In a couple of weeks I will be throwing off the chains of bondage (and
the money) from the Post Office. Best thing I ever did for my head. Should
have done it permanently in '97 when I finished my thru. I'll be a 42 year
old full time student of Shiatsu, massage, & Traditional Oriental Medicine
for at least the next two years. If I can handle the academics and finances
I'll stick around for the additional three year Acupuncture course.

In the past, listed in no particular order, I was a soldier (currently
retired due to the perils of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes), a
standardbred horse trainer, a harley-davidson mechanic, and a jesus
preacher. An autobody mechanic, a diesel mechanic, a painter and a house
framer. I don't think that I listed them all, but that is all that I can

I've been pretty much glad for all of the things that I've done and very
very glad when I could quit and move on.

Good hiking to all...


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