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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

Well, okay, I guess I'll jump in too.  I've been lurking for a couple 
weeks now, just enjoying the ride. :-)

I'm a professional support team for my wife, who is doing her PhD in 
School Psychology.  I know she will handle those kids better than I 
did in my one year of teaching 8th grade science. :-0

Anyway, right now I actually get paid to play one the computer all 
day.  Oh, no wait, you mean I'm supposed to answer those questions 
they send me?  I do support for Toshiba computers on their Compuserve 
Forum, and also play around with whatever computers they let me get 
my hands on.  Trying to teach myself a little PHP and Perl hacking 
for fun and keeping my mind flexible for whenever I have to get a new 
job, just to keep up with my wife's career moves. :-)

I've also worked in a camera store and a computer store, been a staff 
photographer on an archaeology dig in Jordan, spent a year in Dental 
school racking up debts, canoed up to a moose while it was swimming 
across a lake and sat in a rowboat and watched in awe as an Orca swam 
by, ten feet away.

Brad Wilson - Thru hike on perpetual hold. :-(
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