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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

<< At 08:18 AM 3/22/00 -0500, TOKTAADN@aol.com wrote:
 >the list is so quiet, why don't we each take a moment to inform the list
 >we do for a living?  >>

Well, I have been doing Software Development & Software Testing for the last 
20 years. Started in the Air Force at the National Security Agency (wow, 
let anyone in there....), then jumped from company to company, finally landing
at Lucent Technologies, where I currently work.

I'm 44, I do a little singing in the Chorus at work, the Church choir & the 
Too bad I missed the group shower at the gathering a year or so ago.... Bet I 
could of sung up a storm. ;^)

I write, but I only write limericks. Usually they are about hiking the AT & 
unusual hikers found on the List(s) & the AT.


PS. Just bought myself some new High tech camping gear.... A Chevy Tahoe.....
I figured it must double as camping gear, it has a GPS unit and a cell phone 
built into it.   :-)
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