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Re: [at-l] Detracting from my hike

Actually, I do not find stupidity terribly funny. When I have worked in 
prisons, I have never met an inmate there because of cleverness or genius. 
If one understands that possession and use of drugs is a crime, then 
displaying and offering MJ or other drugs to strangers is nothing short of 
stupidity.  It is not credible that this person failed to know this. Such 
stupidity often results in making your career an indentured servant in a 
prison industry for many years, with the loss of property, privilege and 

Now should the use of MJ be a crime? That is a very different issue. But 
while it is a crime, this hiker's stupidity should be a reminder to others.

And yes, stupidity usually is a life sentence, although I've seen death 
result from it also.

Atlanta, GA

At 12:59 PM 3/12/2000, Malcolm Fuller wrote:
>Hardy-har. His "stupidity" was assuming that he lived in a free
>country. Since the "crime" most likely occurred on Federal property,
>he could well be paying for it with a decade or more of his life.
>Any bets on whether all of the fellow's gear wound up sold at the
>next seized asset auction to finance new black BDUs and trigger-
>cocking Berettas for the heros who caught him?

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