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Re: [at-l] Updates

Well - as one who had a partner back out of a day hike because it was "too 
cold" and "too gloomy" . . . I must say the weather went from sunny and 70's 
here close to Erwin, to 40's and "gloomy".   While talking to Sly today (via 
POG's help) I forgot to ask about the weather.  There.  12 miles from 
Springer.  Silly me.  But my vote is that here, in TN (and might as well say 
NC), on the Trail, is probably cold.  I did have a little snow on my deck - 
rude awakening from 70 degree days.  That probably means that on the 
mountains above (which I can see from my window) that it's cold.  Not minus 
degrees - but cold.  Maybe snow.  Who knows? (Wildbill, that would be YOUR 
cue <g>)

The Redhead
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