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Re: [at-l] Detracting from my hike

David Addleton wrote:

> This is no longer trail related.

I believe that commenting on one of the consequences of
federalizing the Appalachian Trail is at least partially

> > Since the "crime" most likely occurred on Federal property,
> > he could well be paying for it with a decade or more of his life.
> From the sounds of the story, the officers waited to get him on state
> property for possession .... which did the idiot a real favor ....

If that's the case, then it was mighty kind of them. Of
course, one can't rely on a merciful whim from The Man.

> I am no fan of the "drug war"  .....  and NOT because I advocate the use of
> what we now call illegal drugs ...
> I am not a fan of this war because I have friends on both sides of this
> ugly, stupid war who are now dead, and/or injured for life ...
> I am not a fan of this war because I have seen and lived in places where
> this particular form of idiotic war does not prevail ...
> I am not a fan of this war because it is such foolhardy, damnable waste of
> human and economic resources

While all of the above are certainly valid, there is a more
fundamental reason for opposing the War On Some Drugs:


> And that is all I care to say about this topic in this forum.

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