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Re: [at-l] cloaks

>>><< I always hear about cloaks keeping people warm in old stories and
>>> anthropological stuff...  why have we completely forsaken them? i have
>>> seen anyone make or use cloaks anymore is there something not nice about
>>> them?
>>>  >>
>>A cloak doesn't work very well with a backpack. ..clip..
>>They are in essence a blanket that you wrap around yourself. 
>So how is a cloak different from a cape? Or is it different?
Hmmm.  Well I guess the short answer is I don't know.  Today, I would say
that there isn't a difference, the terms seem to be interchangeable.

Merriam-Webster says:
Main Entry: cloak
Pronunciation: 'klOk
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English cloke, from Old North French cloque bell, cloak,
from Medieval Latin clocca bell; from its
Date: 13th century
1 : a loose outer garment

Main Entry: cape
Function: noun
Etymology: probably from Spanish capa cloak, from Late Latin cappa head
covering, cloak
Date: circa 1578
1 : a sleeveless outer garment or part of a garment that fits closely at
the neck and hangs loosely over the shoulders

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