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Re: [at-l] cloaks

Only super heroes can wear a cape and capilene without looking wierd. Just 
SuperOrangeBug with his trusted sidekick, Ibuprophen! Using his mighty TNF 
Beheamoth Pack, he roams the AT, protecting democracy and testing for 
cellular signals! Disguised as a mild mannered psychiatrist, he whips off 
his reading glasses and flies up and down the PUDs with nary a bead of 
sweat. And what a fashion statement with his anti-chafing pants, Vasque 
boots, Coolmax suit and cape.!

That's no cape! Thats a rain cover!

Atlanta, GA

At 09:55 PM 3/9/2000, bullard@northnet.org wrote:
>So how is a cloak different from a cape? Or is it different?

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