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Re: [at-l] Computers on the Trail, yea or nay?

>>>> "Jack Tarlin" <baltjack@hotmail.com> 03/08/00 07:13PM >>>
>    1)Do you feel comfortable with hikers who are packing computers?
>    2)Do you feel computers and other hi-tech links to the outside world are 
>intrusive, harmful to ones' "wilderness" experience, and are out-of-place on 
>the A.T.?
I already answered this once but have been thinking about things that have
happened to me that had a negative effect on my day when hiking. It was
never anything that others carried or used in the woods although I've seen
some things that were "amusing". No, it wasn't the stuff, it was certain
people. Those who were rude, inconsiderate, know it all (and feel the need
to tell everyone they meet) and just plain negative. 

I recall in particular one outing (a 20 mile day over 3 mountains) when the
group I was with encountered a teen aged boy and his father. The boy was
being somewhat of a smart aleck and disrespectful of his father but I just
kept my distance from them when we reached the summit of the middle
mountain. I dropped my pack and was about to take a break when one of my
group let it be known we were leaving because she couldn't stand being on
the same mountain with "that boy". I then had to listen to her all the rest
of that day as she intermittently ranted about the boy's behavior. I went
back to the same area the following week *alone* and had a much nicer day
without either of them. I've had the good fortune to find some better
hiking partners since then and I can still avoid the obnoxious person I

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