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[at-l] Poll

You all know  that there's a fairly simple way to find out about the
influence of the ATC and Dan on the trail?   Just take a poll of some of the
Thru Hikers you meet.

The Three that I've meet this past week didn't even know what Trailplace
was, didn't know who Dan Bruce was, had not heard about Trail Days, didn't
realize that ATC printed the Data guide they were holding, -- I think it
must be classified in that all inclusive "doesn't matter" file.  They knew
the Trail was maintained but didn't know each section had a club!    They
had NEVER heard of the AT-List, either!  And they did not surf the net to
find info on the Trail.

It was eye opening -- it was funny.   Of course after a couple hundred
miles, they'll be better educated.

I think that of the myriad of backpackers, thruhikers, dayhikers out there,
very few are influenced by Trailplace (which is why so many leave their "TP"
strewn all over the ground, perhaps.)

So, someone come up with some questions and I'll ask some thru hikers here
in Ga and someone else can ask the same questions farther up the Trail.  We
can compare the answers and see what we get.   Just a late idea.

I hope everyone is able to go backpacking or at least hiking this weekend.


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