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Re: [at-l] The great at-l limerick challenge

There once was a hiker named Dan,
Who thought he was more than a man,
He could Thru-hike the best,
And would monitor the rest,
If asked why, he responds, 'cause I can.


As a hiker Dan won't miss a Blaze,
As a writer, he yearns for a raise,
But as stories are told,
Of the AT of old,
We will find Dan was only a Phase. 


As a hiker, S Bear is the best,
With the babes he outclasses the rest,
But he can't be out done,
When he's home having fun,
With his TuTu & thick hairy chest.....

hmmm...... I think I have a picture of that from Hanover....
I'm gonna have nightmares.....   :-)

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