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Re: [at-l] Poll

In a message dated 3/3/00 11:58:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, coosa@fox21.net 

<<  ATC and Dan on the trail?   Just take a poll of some of the Thru Hikers 
you meet.
I have not conducted formal polls, but have on occasion met thruhikers on the 
AT and the conversations frequently included Trail-on-the-net.   

Most did not know about *any* internet sites or lists.  Of those who knew 
about them, most seemed really intelligent and capable of fomulating their 
own views.  Of those who knew of Trailplace, not a one of them displayed 
anything anywhere "near" ire about it.  They were happy to have it to learn 
about the Trail and about Thruhiking.  One man credits it as being the single 
best provider of information to him in prepping for his hike.  This guy had 
it all together and was probably one of the most capable people I have ever 
encountered.  He was having a grand time hiking the Trail!  

I think we may be vastly underestimating the ability of thru and section 
hikers to make their own decisions/formulate their own views about the Trail 
and about thru/section hiking.  

Anyway, that's my take.

And with this post, I will be taking a brief respite from at-l 
posting/reading for a bit.  My life just got very complicated with my 
impending move and I have to focus elsewhere for the next two weeks.  I'll be 
back; keep that campfire burning and save me a seat on the log!  ;-)


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