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The PATCH. was Re: [at-l] The handbook, the comp...etc.

>>> Felix <AThiker@smithville.net> 03/02/00 11:46PM 
I have the patch and certificate. They are nice, and still in the envelope that I
received them in. They are nothing compared to that feeling when I leaned over and kissed that plaque...and it kissed back. Oh, yes, it kissed back.

#### Sloetoe winds up:
Argh! Then gimme my patch back, you rat! Right now! That dang patch is going on {lemme see now, 9+ this, and carry the one, and ) 20+ years old, and needs a dang HOME. ON A BACK PACK. I'm beginning to think it's MY backpack. You were supposed to send me the one the ATC was to send you, when you went and got certified. Never done that neither, didja. Nooooooo. What, you think my paying you off for the Aronoff drumsticks lets you off the hook? Fat chance, buddy. Gimme back my rocker.

Sloetoe, AT'79
(who *thought* he never gave rat's patootie
about his widdle patchie till this.)
And throws out this

A ThroughHiker's Patch shows their class,
Their personal mettle, their grasp — 
on things trail-related
"civilization's over-rated"
What's important is feeding my ass!

The crowd approves:

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