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[at-l] redress of grievences, was Bucky's reply to The Handbook, the Companion, and a respectful suggestion

1) I, FWIW, second that emotion. (Actually, I believe all of us do.)  Injustice is injustice, and if *any* genuine injustice was done by an otherwise highly-regarded body, including ATC or ALDHA, then that body should promptly address the injustice and make amends (and thereby continue to show _why_ it should be held in high regard). 
2) FWIW, in the history described on this list in the past week+, it doesn't seem to me like Mr. Bruce has got a case. You've got to show economic damage, which means first showing economic worth, which means demonstrating that proprietary information existed. "Proprietary Information" is information which might be *sourced* from public information (or, better for you, be developed privately), but *at*least* contains calculations, analysis, or format (any of which lends worth to the information) *not*otherwise*deriveable* by publically available means (such as simple arithmetic). "Secrets" in the Handbook? Nah. I don't know anything (outside of verbage) in the laudable Handbook which could be deemed proprietary. Without more knowledge, this is just based on general principles, but it seems a   L O N G  row to hoe for a case to be made on this one.


>>> "Malcolm Fuller" <mfuller@somtel.com> 03/02/00 09:52PM 

The point of my previous post was simply that just because
the alleged copyright infringer is a non-profit organization
doesn't mean he shouldn't seek redress from them.


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