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Re: [at-l] The Handbook, the Companion, and a respectful suggestion

jim owen wrote in response to jack tarlin's post:

>>>   I've seen nothing either unintelligent or irrational in this
discussion - except your post.   <<<

i disagree, jim.  i thought jack's post was both an intelligent and rational
description of his feelings on the matter.

jack's post seemed a tad scolding in nature to me, and i disagree with the
content in general (though he does accurately describe some of the posts).
for the most part, the recent thread has been the most rational and
intelligent re-hashing of WF-files i've seen, maybe because the Handbook and
Companion and their histories are *relatively* tangible and objective in

let's not forget that everyone is entitled to opinion, and with that right
one must accept counter-opinion.  the best discussions on this list have
taken place in the true spirit of *dialogue* - the expression of opinions
back and forth WITHOUT EXPRESSION OF RIGHT OR WRONG.  offering a
counter-opinion, by default, shows that one has a different view, and that
is all that is required in dialogue.

now i must have a dialogue with the tractor, which has a differing opinion
on the definition of "operable"...

ke kaahawe
AT92  TYT94  PCT/2 99

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