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Re: [at-l] The Handbook, the Companion, and a respectful suggestion

At 03:51 PM 3/1/00 -0800, Jack Tarlin wagged his finger at us yet again:

I'm sorry if you are unhappy with us Jack but what you read here is our
honest feelings about Dan and what he is up to.  He's declared himself
an authority on all things AT and in doing so, has made himself a public
figure and exposed himself to discussion and even ridicule (does that word
  stem from the word ridiculous?)

Main Entry: ri·dic·u·lous
Pronunciation: r&-'di-ky&-l&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin ridiculosus (from ridiculum jest, from neuter of ridiculus) or
ridiculus, literally, laughable, from ridEre to laugh
Date: 1550
: arousing or deserving ridicule : ABSURD, PREPOSTEROUS

*****(Capitals are Mirriams not mine)******

For the record.....Kahley A Hubitsky finds it ridiculous that a man who's
professed mission is to serve the Trail and thruhikers, would even consider
suing the ATC or ALDHA.  That he should even consider devoting or directing
even a scintilla of energy from these organizations or from his own efforts
on a mission of self satisfaction deserves ridicule.

And while I have the dictionary open,

Main Entry: para·noid
Pronunciation: 'par-&-"noid
Variant(s): also para·noi·dal /"par-&-'noi-d&l/
Function: adjective
Date: 1904
1 : characterized by or resembling paranoia
2 : characterized by suspiciousness, persecutory trends, or megalomania
3 : extremely fearful
- paranoid noun

Kahley A Hubitsky thinks that Dan's attitudes towards AT-L are paranoid.
He morps discussion into plots and persecution.
He has declared that the mention of this list on Trailplace is an invitation
for people to do "mischief".

We are not talking about him behind his back.  If he isn't on this
list under a pseudonym, for sure there are those who regularly report to
him.  He has boasted that his friends keep him apprised.  There is no
plotting....only the free flow of opinions.  If he feels he is being 
here he is welcome to join in the discussion.  But just because he is 
unwilling to
do so, does not mean that we are not allowed to speak our minds.

I got such a kick out of KK's note from him.  He said she was in danger of
being manipulated by others.  I have a very similar note from him from
years ago.  Back then, he felt I was an unknowing pawn being used by
the 'FORCES WHO WISH TO BRING DOWN TP'  To see him write such
a similar note to KK was a hoot.  Now  he has decided I am one
And all I ever did was speak my mind.  It seems that's all it takes to be
considered an enemy in his world.  Paranioa........

Now it has progressed beyond AT-L.  Not only does our existence threaten him,
he has raised his sights to the ATC and ALDHA.  In order for him to be THE
trail authority and protector, he must diminish their legitimacy and influence.
On his forum he has viciously attacked both organizations at every chance...
naming them as boot licking betrayers, liars yada yada yada.
Where is his temperance?  Why do you not call him on_his_name-calling?
Where are your posts on ATML calling for calmness and civility there.
Do you really feel his attacks on the ATC were civil?  Could he not disagree
with their positions without being sooo disagreeable?

Yes I have been booted from ATML.  When word got out that he had included
code in the TP Journal program that disallowed the mention of certain names,
I called him on it.  He rebuked me for 'trying to disturb the class of 2000'.
No kidding!!!!!

The idea that bringing his machinations into the light of day
was too disturbing to the hikers that were prepping to leave.......sheesh!
Me thinks that his handling of the Handbook might be a tad more disruptive
than lil'ole me.

Nobody knows whether the book  will come out or not.  Last year, I think I
can speak for most of us, we believed him when he said that it was "at the
printers".  This year.....well do you trust him when he says the same thing 

I just had a thought....he made mention that the ATC's handling of the 
had taken the joy out of the Handbook for him.  Is is possible that he is 
the ground to blame ATC and ALDHA for a no show again this year? Hmmm...

And the idea that the formatting is the same....sheesh....if FORD designs a
car based on the needs of a driver, can CHEVY sue them if it happens to have
four wheels and brakes?  What a hoot!!!  If the Companion has changed, could
it be because the hiker's needs (or wants) have changed?  If today's hikers
want more info, the Companion is not allowed to provide it because Dan used
to....even though he doesn't anymore, at least not in a timely manner.
Give me a break.

Speaking of hoots....someone actually got the nerve to stand up on ATML and
tell the class of 00 why no one was willing to sell or lend them a copy of the
99 Handbook.  Dan's reply was to ask the poster what he had done to 'serve'
the Trail or the hikers.  I think the guy did the class of 00 a big favor 
by cluing
them into the truth.  But the thought that the tale wasn't told...that Dan 
just come right out and tell people that there was no 99 edition.....I mean...
come on!  People posting, asking to borrow a book that he  and many of the
people on ATML knew didn't exist ....yet no one said a word for months!  Me
included....I was afraid that if I spoke up I'd get the boot.  I tried to write
privately to the poster but the way Dan has TP structured, forum poster's
addresses are hidden.  So hiker after hiker asks about the book only to
be met with dead silence from the only man who actually knows whether
it exists or not.  And not a word of truth about the 99 edition!
Such honesty.....he is the betrayer in my book.

So I guess I have further disturbed you Jack....sorry about that.  But the more
deception and censorship that happens on ATML, the more vociferous
I will be here.  I have included my full name so you will know who I am.  I 
you may not be as familiar with us as those who more frequently sit at our
campfire.  Just a thought.....put forth in good humor....if you like, I can 
your two posts to AT-L and whenever Dan's name is mentioned I can forward
them to the list and save you from having to rewrite them   (ducking and 

Signed oh shit, k, k7, k/\, kahley7, kahlena,

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