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Re: [at-l] Avery Awards and Avery monitors

   At 12:27 PM 2/29/00 -0600, Leslie Booher wrote:
>What are Avery Awards and Avery monitors?  I don't know nuttin' about them
>critters.  Leslie

>The Avery Awards are Dan's idea to establish a new certification for a 
>He is disturbed by the ATC's current standard and their reliance of the 
>of the hiker's representation of the purity of their hike.

   Thank you, Kahley, for the information concerning the Avery 
Awards/Monitors.  I, too, was in the dark concerning the subject.
    Many things came to mind while reading your post; Zebra-striped 
hiker/ref's popping out from behind trees, blowing whistles and throwing 
flags (Offsides! #6167722882! 3 mile penalty!) …my 11 year-old hacking into 
the AT bar-code system and producing irrefutable evidence of having 
thru-hiked the trail 17 times…thru-hikers, wrapped in duct tape being led to 
rubber rooms screaming, "But I DIDN'T blue-blaze on purpose!!!! It was 
dark!!! AAHHHH!!" 
    Applications? Evaluations? Challenges? Tests?  Perhaps some are drawn to 
the mountains for the paperwork.  I'd be more than happy to dump my in-box 
into their packs.  Please contact me immediately.
    On a more serious note, I understand that some desire recognition for 
their hiking accomplishments.  A thru-hike is a monumental deed.  But I would 
suggest that any hiker wishing to proclaim themselves a thru-hiker without 
completing the trail,  despite the rigorous requirements of an Avery board, 
will find a way to accomplish their goal.  Much like my neighbor, who 
continually beats my golf game by a few strokes with liberal use of his 
"toe-iron", and then brags at the 19th hole.  Can integrity truly be 
monitored in terms of hiking awards?
     Awards that I'd like to see?  Hmmm…how about "Highest Vertical Jump by a 
Hiker Discovering a Rattlesnake" or  "Most Colorful and Creative Cursing 
While Rolling Downhill" or "Dirtiest Undies Upon Being Awakened By Mr. Bear"? 
All these seem as relevant to me as an Avery Award, and just as easily 
questioned or accepted.  Although I imagine the trophies for my suggested 
awards would be a lot more fun to design.

Peace, GrimBeaper 
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